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Who is AFC Products?

We are a woman owned business designing healthy products using the hemp/cannabis plant to provide relief from pain, anxiety and insomnia for athletes, women and veterans struggling with PTSD. We have CBD oils in stock, and three specific other CBD/THC balanced products in development, with more on the way during our expansion phase in California. Our plans are to open legal storefronts through our Caligrown™ brand to provide safe, local, reliable access. Our founder, Laura Wilkinson, has personal experience with  the medical relief properties of phytocannabinoids provided to her close family members who have suffered from cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. To her, this holistic health promise is very personal.


Caligrown™ Retail Growth

Caligrown™ is a leading applicant for several legal storefront licenses throughout the San Diego  and Southern California regions. Our operations expertise includes over five years experience owning and operating successful, compliant OLLC licensed dispensaries in Oregon (that includes cultivation and private label manufacturing, too). 


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If you are interested in the expanding markets for these products, contact our team below.  Through Caligrown™ we are working closely with local government officials to educate and build trust through transparency and collaboration.  California cities who choose to embrace this unique opportunity for economic development and much needed revenues will find resources - and alliance - with us.


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